Monday, June 27, 2011

Perezosos and more!

This weekend we went to the Caribe (the Atlantic side of the country) to the small town and National Park of Cahuita.  We ate the typical Caribbean foods (jerk Chicken, Pan Bon, and shrimp) yum!  Also a highlight was a trip to the nearby Avirios del Caribe Sloth Sanctuary.  Here we saw many sloths ("perezosos" in espanol), and even got to touch a few of them!  We also had a guided canoe ride on a tropical creek where we saw (and heard) howler monkeys, basilisk lizards, lots of crabs, and some strange birds! 

A couple more observations:
  1) Flushing toilet paper is rarely allowed in public restrooms in Costa goes in the garbage can
  2) Spider Man = El Hombre Arana (with a tilde over the n)
  3) A hammock is a really great place to relax and reflect


  1. HMMMM - #2? There must be more to the story...
    We have hammocks in Wisconsin too - but they aren't on beaches or near mountains, rainforests....
    I'm glad you had a good trip to the Caribbean.

  2. Sounds like a another cool trip! Hope you're taking lots of pictures of all of the animals and beautiful sights!

  3. So, here's a little tip for you if you want to keep writing Spanish words with the proper accents.

    Hold the alt key and hit these numbers.

    á 160 é 130 í 161 ó 162 ú 163 É 144
    ¿ 168 ¡ 173 ñ 164 Ñ 165

    Also, I'm super jealous you got to see the sloths! They're one of my favorite animals!