Friday, April 26, 2013

Flexible from the "F" to the second "E"

If I had to compile some character traits that are needed for success in this program, flexibility would be very near the top of that list. Plans change frequently, and living arrangements often demand adaptation.

This all was reinforced again this week when my team found out that we will be leaving Joplin more than a month earlier than scheduled. Wednesday we received news that we would be transferred to Denton, Texas for a week of additional training. We drive out on Saturday morning.

After next week, my team will likely be sent to a yet unknown location. That's how late notices are; that's how quickly things change; that's how flexible we need to be. But, honestly, that's what is so incredible about my life right now.

During the last three months, I've lived in three different states. I've learned CPR, bought cowboy boots, worshipped God in three different churches, joined a gym, pierced my ears, and visited two National Parks!

 Hiking in Boulder, CO
 Shoal Creek in Southwestern Missouri
In Southern New Mexico with my teammate Angie

The thing is, all the adventures out there are worth giving up a little stability. Sometimes it is frustrating (like when i'm trying to plan a Memorial Day trip but can't buy a ticket until I know where I'll be). But ultimately, flexibility leaves me open to whatever God wants me experience, and why would I ever choose stability over a full and exciting life?