Monday, August 1, 2011


Yes, I made it home safely and soundly last night.  I can hardly believe I was only away for eight weeks; I experienced so many things.  My time in Costa Rica was truly amazing, and it was hard to say goodbye to my host family, the staff at CIME, and the staff and children at Casa San Lazaro.  Thanks for all your support, prayers, and thoughts over the last two months.  And lastly, two more lists:

Favorite things:   
    1) My family: Marcos, Yadhi, Marco Antonio, McKenzie, Sebastian, y Tedi 
    2) Food: plátanos maduros, arroz con leche, casados 
    3) Nature: cloud forests, the ocean, lizards 
    4) Spanish:  I LOVED being able to communicate en español!

Biggest things I learned:
   1) Humility: I got pretty used to feeling awkward and clueless :P 
   2) Confidence: it’s a lot easier to speak up after having to do so in español 
   3) Direction:  I’ll be heading back to Superior in a week or so, ready to take on my final year at UWS = )