Monday, October 14, 2013

Fun in Colorado!

At the end of last round, I was loudly and boldly proclaiming that I never wanted to stay in a hotel room again, and I think God (with his excellent sense of humor) heard my prayer. Our housing on this disaster has been, well, interesting. Initially we were staying in dorm rooms on campus which was great until they kicked us out in order to fumigate the building. I guess there was a bed bug issue... Next we moved to the Boulder County fairgrounds. We slept on cots and thought we were roughing it. My mom said, "Sam! You're so tough!" Little did we know, they were saving the best for last: an abandoned Big Box store complete with no windows, no showers, 80 other inhabitants, cots, pallets, fluorescent lights (half of which stay on at night), and a leaky roof. It is not ideal, but in typical fashion we make the most of it and have kept a sense of humor.
 3 am, I kid you not
 Raining inside
Making it homey with some pallet bookshelves/walls

On any given day there is roller-blading, skateboarding, roller derby, floor hockey, football, and softball. It is basically a giant sleepover and something I don't think I'll ever forget. Here's to the next four weeks here!


  1. Oh my gosh! You have to sleep with the lights on??? YOu didn't tell me about the bed bugs.... - YUCK!!!

  2. Ugh! What do you do? Cover your face with blankets?!

  3. The light issue is definitely the worst part in my mind. I've got a running headband that I put over my eyes and use a blanket too. It just makes me laugh because it is so ridiculous. Thankfully i never had bed bugs; they were on a different floor