Sunday, July 17, 2011

Volcan Arenal

This weekend Amanda and i went to the town of La Fortuna at the base of Volcan Arenal.  Arenal is an active volcano, however it hasn't been spewing glowing red lava in a few months.  Nevertheless, i still found it to be rather majestic and mighty!  Praise God for volcanoes! We also got to spend some time in aqua termales (hot springs) while we were there.  A very relaxing weekend, unfortunately book-ended by some pretty gross bus rides : (  It is remarkable cheap and easy to travel this country in bus, but it is not very comfortable...pero yo todavia pienso que vale la pena!

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  1. Hey Sam, I used a Spanish to English translator on the web to translate your last sentence and got: 'But still I think that ok the pain' which I'm taking to mean that you think the volcano and hot springs were worth the gross bus rides?! HA! In any case, thanks for the updates and the new pics! Love you Lots! Mom